Orange Juicer E5

Full Description:

The new E5 machines are quality products with stainless steel shell, transparent plastic cover for striking display, and food-grade plastic parts including knaggy ball and crush remnant collector.

"These quality machines are ideal for boosting bottom-line profit in businesses operating in a highly competitive environment which would love to add high-return trendy fresh juices to attract customers - but couldn't previously afford to," says AusJ Managing Director Jay King.

"Already proven in service under Australian and international conditions, our first installation achieved total payback within months, which is virtually unheard of in hospitality, food service and retail environments." The compact and easily operated 240V 120W machine - part of a broader range being developed produces fresh juice within seconds of being started. The anti-corrosive, easy-to wash machines process 20 oranges a minute (size of orange 40-75mm), with three oranges giving a 285ml glass of juice. The E5 Orange Juicer is backed by nationwide parts and delivery.


  • Specifications:

  • Size: Height 680mm, Width 450mm, Length 420mm

  • Model: E5 Auto

  • Rated Capacity: 20 Oranges/min

  • Rated Voltage: 240v

  • Frequency: 50Hz

  • Power Draw: 120W

  • Weight: 43kg

  • Yield: 40-50%

  • Orange Size: 40-75mm (Diameter)


  • Features:

  • Stainless steel shell

  • Transparent plastic cover

  • Food-grade plastic parts

  • Anti-Corrosion

  • Easy to wash