Aqueous MK2 Water Heater (10L 240v)

Full Description:

Aqueous rapid hot water systems are suitable for anyone with electric water heating who has ever worried about the amount of water and time wasted while running taps to draw hot water from typical large heating and storage cylinders.

The ruggedly constructed Aqueous systems eliminate delay because they position water heating right next to the point of use. Even if turned off for a while (such as at a holiday home or when families travel) they take only a few minutes to have hot water on tap when people return.

Suitable For: Caravan, RV, Horse Float, Food Van, Under Sink.


  • Compact size: 409mm x 262mm x 267mm

  • Rated Capacity: 10L

  • Rated Voltage: 240v (4.2A, 1000W)

  • Warranty: 12 months Parts


  • Variable thermostat 30-75°C

  • Durable outer case with service and inspection points

  • SPCC steel and enamel tank (304) with high density insulation.

  • Over temperature, over pressure and run dry protection.

  • Combination pressure relief valve and non return valve.




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